The Federal Government would be more than happy to

Shaheen has proposed a Senate select committee, with subpoena power to ascertain who knew what, who permitted what, who overlooked what. How is it that national team coaches preferred Nassar and recommended him to families? How is that his credentials and methods apparently went unquestioned for 30 years, as he rose from national team trainer to its head physician? How is it that he was given such power and imprimatur: As of 2014, Nassar was on the USOC’s Medical Network Advisory Board, along with renowned physicians such as Dr. Richard Steadman, and Eric Heiden.The only reason Raisman can figure is that Nassar “was always available and just very easy, and turned a blind eye to all kinds of other stuff.”Countless adults ignored the basic guidelines of protecting children from sexual abuse.

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Feldman said this week that “things can change” but added that “unless something extraordinary happens, it’s more likely than not the lockout will remain in place” when the appeals court rules. District Judge David S. Doty on potential damages in a case involving the sport’s television contracts.

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Which is worse, Obama’s Brown shirt Communist army, or full and total Government control? We can ask the Federal Government to step in and stop Obama’s terrorist Army. His OFA, ANTIFA, BLM, and that other bunch of anarchists. The Federal Government would be more than happy to disarm them all.

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